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Classical Music Demystified

Graham Abbott writes about classical music and shares its inside stories. Many of these stories will be based on scripts broadcast in "Keys To Music" on ABC Classic between 2003 and 2017. Many thanks to the ABC for permission to use this material.

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Handel's Roman Cantatas

During the 17th century - in parallel with the development of the new forms of opera and oratorio - a form of secular (and occasionally...

In Praise of Queens

Some time I ago I offered in this blog a pair of articles on the composers Thomas Tallis and William Byrd under the heading Writing for...

Satie at the Piano

Some time ago in this blog I shared an article on the life and work of the German Baroque composer Johann Pachelbel. Pachelbel was one of...

Dancing at the Opera

It's perhaps a telling aspect of musical etymology that the words opera and ballet have very different origins. Opera is an Italian word,...

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