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Classical Music Demystified

Graham Abbott writes about classical music and shares its inside stories. Many of these stories will be based on scripts broadcast in "Keys To Music" on ABC Classic between 2003 and 2017. Many thanks to the ABC for permission to use this material.

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African Associations

The vast continent of Africa is something of an unknown region to most of us in the west, myself included. All too often, countries in...

Adding the Spoken Voice

I’m always intrigued by music which combines sounds in an unexpected manner. This post is about music containing an element which is not...

East Meets West

Imagine you’re a young composer out to make a huge impression in a big city. You’ve been given your big chance: a commission for a new...

Looking Back to Bach

The name of Johann Sebastian Bach is universally revered these days as one of the big names of music, but it was not always so. Even in...

Occasional Music

Ever gone to a birthday party and wished you could come up with a gift that would just blow everyone away? A gift that would have people...

Keys and Labels

For fifteen years (2003-2017) I wrote and presented a music education program on ABC Radio called Keys To Music. It was far and away the...

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