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Classical Music Demystified

Graham Abbott writes about classical music and shares its inside stories. Many of these stories will be based on scripts broadcast in "Keys To Music" on ABC Classic between 2003 and 2017. Many thanks to the ABC for permission to use this material.

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Schubert's Swansong

In the last few years of his life, Franz Schubert - probably the greatest composer of art song in western music - composed two...

Who was Carlo Gesualdo?

There are two words which are guaranteed to arouse a voyeuristic, if not morbid, curiosity in most people. These words - murder and...

Monteverdi's Vespers

Foremost among the musical minds active in Italy around 1600 was Claudio Monteverdi. Born in Cremona in May 1567, Monteverdi took up a...

Purcell in the Theatre

It's an enormous understatement to say that the 17th century was one of the most turbulent times in English history. The reign of...

Bach at Easter

In the general western mindset, "Easter" is a term which takes in the long weekend spanning Good Friday to Easter Monday, and maybe even...

Bruckner in Church

Anton Bruckner is a composer who tends to divide people. His life covered most of the 19th century (he lived from 1824 to 1896) and...

Weber Metamorphosed

The German composer Paul Hindemith was born in 1895, which means that in 1919, when the Weimar Republic replaced the German monarchy...

Sun Music

When I was at the end of what is now called Year 10 I attended my first music camp, run by the NSW Department of Education Music Branch....

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